Blank art cards featuring Susannah’s signature breezy and expansive cloud-filled skies. Full of wonder, these skies lift the spirit and tap into a lightness, a hopefulness and a joy of being.

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Collection: Abstract skies

The fine art greeting cards in the beloved ‘Sky’ collection are uplifting, inspirational and pack a colourful punch. Each abstract sky is bursting with personality and tells a story with an exciting use of colour.

Think about bright sunny afternoons where the sky is blue and the air is clear, the seconds before sunrise, or the moments right before or shortly after sunset. There are pinky peachy mornings, cobalt blue evenings and inky black mysterious midnights. From a pastoral landscape bathed in a warm golden glow to the drama of an approaching storm, the skies in this range of art cards are as varied as they are vibrant.

Wonderful as birthday cards, cards for friends, cards to send condolences, say thank you or celebrate a joyous occasion you can be sure that with a personal message written inside, an art greeting card destined to become a treasured keepsake.

If you would like some uplifting abstract skies in your retail shop, please register for wholesale access to order. Retail customers can buy these abstract skies art cards from my shop site directly.

three colourful art greeting cards with paintings of abstract skies
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    Artist Made

    All our images are created first as original paintings by Susannah in her Hamilton (Ontario) studio.

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    Planet Conscious

    Greeting cards are created with FSC-certified stock and wrapped in compostable bio-film bags.

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    We're two sisters on the mission to make the world a more colourful place and we love what we do!

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    Our paper products are designed and produced in small batches in the UK.