Art greeting cards showcasing the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors. Each card is a little piece of art celebrating my love of exploring to connect with the ground beneath my feet.

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Collection: Imagined Landscapes

My imagined landscapes are memories of a thousand hikes, canoe trips and walks in the woods. As art cards, they offer a moment to contemplate the beauty of the world around us. These art greeting cards originate with my largest paintings, and I think you can feel that these were all painted large!  There’s a freedom to working with big brushes on giant canvases that I love. There's room to explore, the scale can be looser and the brushstrokes full of a beautiful energy.

These pocket-sized versions of giantic skies are the perfect way to share a little bit of art with friends and family.

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  • artist made UK wholesale greeting cards

    Artist Made

    All our images begin their lives as original paintings by Susannah in her Hamilton (Ontario) studio.

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    Planet Conscious

    Our greeting cards are created using FSC-certified stock and wrapped in compostable bio-film bags.

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    Small Business

    We're two sisters on the mission to make the world a more colourful place and think that our cards are the perfect pocket-sized way to do that!

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    Made in the UK

    Our paper products are designed and produced in small batches in the UK.