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'Deep Woods'

'Deep Woods'


Unframed print

Archival quality print on museum-quality paper with archival pigment inks.

Packaged in an art sleeve with branding label, ready for display.

Forests are sacred places. There is a quality of air, a scent of nature, a sound to the silence, that renews weary spirits and soothes a ruffled soul. I wanted to create a painting that captured the magnificent essence of a forest and honoured my love for time amongst the trees. 

In the thick of this abstract forest, a foreground of dark green trees gives way to multiple shades of emerald green and lighter shades of seafoam green shining in the background. An art print of 'Deep Woods' is the perfect opportunity to welcome the peaceful, resilient energy of a lush forest into your home and add a touch of nature to your wall decor. 

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