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'Sea Garden #1'

'Sea Garden #1'


Unframed print

Archival quality print on museum-quality paper with archival pigment inks.

Packaged in an art sleeve with branding label, ready for display.

Each brushstroke in an abstract painting is a step on a voyage where the final destination is unknown. So much happens on the canvas spontaneously during the process of painting that a finished abstract painting is never the same as the initial sketch, and the last brushstrokes can be a million miles away from the first. Shortly after first putting brush to canvas for this painting, I plunged into a sea of opulent blues and greens, colors merging and mingling effortlessly. Swimming with floral-inspired shapes beneath unseen waves, my brushstrokes flowed and swayed, capturing the very essence of the peace and joy in a beautiful underwater oasis... a sea garden.
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